Does the daily grind run you down? Do you tire of doing the same things day in and day out? Does the repetition about drive you batty?

We’d been sick, all of us and the weather was a mite chilly and snowy for quite some time. I was essentially been housebound with five under 8 since before Christmas. I was run down. Bored of the same ol’ same ol’. I needed a vacation.

So, I took a vacation – a change of scenery. I broke the drudgery of the laundry, the dishes, and the toys.

A Change of Scenery

It was a Thursday, the day before trash pick up. We are allowed 6 bags of trash each week and I like to get them out to the corner before dark. I didn’t want to do it. It was cold out and the logistics of organizing the older four with outside clothes for a quick job was more than I wanted to handle any day but I decided to seize the opportunity while the baby was safely napping in her swing; I felt the others needed to escape as much as I did. Because I love my hubby, and I know how much he hates having to haul all those bags to the alley himself this is a job the girls and I like to do for him. Many hands make light work! We are a team!

Everyone bundled up and out we went. I loaded two bags on a sled for Kristyn, and another on a sled for Cora; I gave one to Marrissa to drag across the snow and grabbed two for myself with Wyatt tagging along. We stopped periodically to lift him back on his feet. The deep snow was tough on his little legs but he wasn’t about to be left behind. He’s a trooper and made it all the way there!

And a Change of Attitude

All of a sudden I realized this wasn’t such a chore! We were laughing and running (as best as we could) and having fun working together. Adding to the fun, we loaded Marrissa and Wyatt into the empty sleds for a racing the trip back to the house!

And before we knew it, the job was completed, but I wasn’t ready to go in yet. I needed a longer vacation. I hadn’t decompressed enough. Sending them in to get undressed, I checked on Rayna and got them settled watching TV. Thinking about the job we completed and the extended mini-vacation I was taking, I shoveled the deck and stairs. I worked hard removing most of the snow making our stairs safer to climb!

This time, when I came in the house I was in brighter spirits. Nothing in my situation changed, but I had a new outlook and a fresh attitude. I could face the necessary “day in and day out” stuff again, with a smile on my face. Even though the evening would be tough (bedtime always is for me), because I took a vacation, I could handle whatever I faced.

Try it!

Take a mini-vacation today. Really, all you need is half an hour or a little more. Take your kids or settle them into a safe activity for a few minutes. Step outside; get some air. Grab a shovel and embrace the snow! Or pull some weeds and pick some berries. If a mom of five can do it (and do it safely), so can you! This may be just what you need and it won’t cost a penny, unless you happen to break the shovel.


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