The Chief’s Version of Our House Fire


As promised, I have the story our fire chief shared about our house fire. He shared this with our community at our annual fireman’s ball. There were many tears at our table. And a standing ovation for my two little heroes.

“On the night of Feb 8, 2012 we were called to a structure fire, not a routine fire if you could ever call one routine, rather – the Mayerthorpe Fire Department faced one of the most feared events it could ever face – a fire in the home of one of their own – Jason’s house – the Harris family.

A small fire started in the basement near the washing machine and ignited a pile of clothing, while most of the family was upstairs unaware.  LaDonna pregnant (again) with Axle, Kristyn, Cora, Rayna, and Matty were upstairs, while Dad was at work.  Two other Harris children were playing in the basement bedroom – Marrissa (6) and Wyatt (5).  When they noticed the growing fire, which was directly in the path from the bedrooms up the stairs!

Fire Statistics show too commonly that children will usually hide from fire, and that’s where they’re normally found by fire fighters, albeit too late.

However, Wyatt and Marrissa showed outstanding bravery in running past the growing fire up the stairs to alert Mom and the rest of the family, all whom narrowly escaped the growing inferno, thus all their lives were saved.

They also unwittingly and unknowingly saved the lives of their dad, and many of the volunteers including this Fire Chief, whom I know would have put their lives on the line to save their own even in futility.

I, on behalf of the Mayerthorpe Fire Department, in recognition of their actions – for the first time ever, award each a medal of Live Saving Valour!”

Fire Chief – Randy Schroeder
Mayerthorpe Fire Department
Presented Oct 20, 2012


Thankful for spared lives,

LaDonna M Harris



  1. Kathryn @ Expectant hearts says:

    Oh, I got all goose bumping after reading that! So glad (again, still) that you were all safe, yay for young heroes!

  2. Wow, reading the story again, hard to believe how much you’ve gone through in almost a year! so much has happened! I remember being up late that night chatting through facebook! Wishing so much I could do something!! So glad it had a happy ending!!

  3. Tears, wow you have awesome kids and great teamwork!

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