Sometimes Memories Sneak Out…

Sometimes Memories Sneak |


Sometimes memories sneak out of my eyes and roll down my cheeks.
Before I can catch them.
Before I even know they’re┬ácoming.
I let them flow, embracing their healing touch.

I was sitting minding my own business, scrolling Facebook as if I’d completed all my tasks for the day.


I have an instant message.

Sometimes Memories Sneak Out | Grief continues to be cyclical. #grief #infantloss #neonataldeath

“Came out to say hello to Harvey today.

“The bottom piece is off though.

“Sending love to you both.


…instant waterworks…

And it wasn’t just the cycle of grief. My heart overflowed with sincere gratitude! My friend has often gone to visit leaving a toy or some flowers or just taken a picture. It’s been 12 years! She was there for us when Harvey was born. And she continues to visit and to remember. (I am blessed, cuz she’s not the only one, either.) I hope you have these friends in your life, or that you find them along the way.

My parents had been out to visit the site earlier in the summer and had told me about the cross being broken. (Their visit also had memories sneaking out and rolling.) Jason┬ácarved that cross and installed it before we moved away from that quaint community. A labor of love that I’ll never forget. It’s weathered nicely, I think.

A Note for Grieveing Mommas

Dear grieving momma,

Please know that you will never forget your precious child. Allow yourself to grieve and to live life. Allow yourself to love again. Remember to smile! You will never forget and the pain will never really go away, but trust me, that pain gets easier hold. The intensity lessens some and the frequency even more so. I remember vividly the pain you are experiencing, and my heart aches for you as you travel this road.

With much love,
LaDonna Harris ~ another grieving momma.

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