Season of life – change like the wind

Season of life

In another season of life, I kept a blog for years and years that recorded our homeschooling adventures. I gave family members (and friends) a peek into our life though they lived far away. That blog morphed into a business venture that never truly got off the ground with any efficiency. As life continued to get in the way I decided to all but abandon my writing. Our homeschool adventures were shared by us and the greater world was left in the dark about our life and what we were learning.

Recently a community member ask if I keep any record of our less-than-normal existence. The question instigated this current entry. I’m back! I’m here to share snippets of our crazy life – from our business adventures to homeschooling to living counter culture in small town to sharing about the books I read. So if you want to know what it’s like to live in a house filled to the brim with people to love you’ve come to the right place.

A New Season of Life

We are a coffee loving wife and her easy going husband with 9 children of their own. Our family owned business is unpredictable and exciting. Our “extras” are the ones our children call friends and the ones I care for while their mothers work in the community. The animals that live with us (3 cats and 3 dogs) are tolerated by most and loved by some. This is the story of our life; it’s time for a new season of life.

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