Please Don’t Join My MLM – at least not for this reason!

I will never require someone to join my team to help me. In fact, please don’t join my MLM… (An MLM is a multi-level marketing organization…many home based businesses are MLMs. Some examples would include Scentsy, Party Lite, Amway, Norwex, Young Living, Doterra, and various other jewelry and clothing companies.)

We’ve all done it. The desire to help our friends and neighbors is a valiant motive for doing almost anything. Friends or family will approach us with requests to join their latest endeavor whether it be scented candles, or cleaning products or essential oils. Everyone has something they’re doing. “Please,” they say, ” I could really use someone like you on my team.” And so you join. You  make a few orders…and then you forget…and fade away to life as it once was. Did you help your sister-in-law build her company and support her family? Not really. Your heart, while in the right place, wasn’t really into building a business, let alone someone else’s business.

The Confession

When I started with my current MLM / home based business, I was looking for a product to help my husband’s sore hands. My friend had a product that worked for her, and she threw me the sales pitch. When the product worked, I jumped right on board, not only to get discounts for what we’d use ourselves (I became a faithful customer) but also to help my friend grow her business – to help her family make ends meet. And I operated my business on that premise for a number of years.

Please Don't Join My MLM | | #pleasedontjoinmymlm #wahm

And soon my business stagnated. I waffled here and there and didn’t give it my all.  It wasn’t my dream, it was hers. The business I was building wasn’t my own, it was hers.

The Light Bulb

And then it hit me! I couldn’t help her by doing what I was doing and I certainly wasn’t helping myself or my family. I was using my valuable time on things that didn’t create an income for either business. The things I was doing pulled me away from my duties as a wife and homeschool mother. If I was going to do this thing, and be more than just a loyal customer, (and there’s nothing wrong with that either) then I needed to get serious.


So I decided to get serious. I have skills to learn, goals to make and levels to achieve. My business hours need to be defined and respected, not only by my family, but by ME too! I found a mentor and am learning everything possible about the industry.

Leaders and millionaires are readers and serious about their self-education; if I am serious, I had to start reading again. And so I did.

So Please Don’t Join My MLM…

As much as I would love to have you join my team, please don’t apply as a business builder. I don’t want you if your reason for being here is simply to help the Harris family make ends meet, or if your love for me is so strong that you desire to aid in making my dreams a reality. I WANT you on my team so I can help make YOUR dreams a reality.

(Do you have a dream? I’d love to know what it is! Just leave a comment below!)

I want you to join me in reaching our goals together. My team isn’t about you or me, or the products (though they are pretty amazing!); my team is about learning and growing together to make our families and our communities better places to live and interact.

So if your interested in working together to THAT end, you can find more information here.

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