Our home…Decisions…6 Months Post-Fire

I have been decidedly quiet on our plans to rebuild after our house fire in February of this year.  We have been undecided as to whether or not we were going to rebuild, or simply buy another home.  When we first lost our home we were able to rent the house next door within the first week or so.  That the house was available and the neighbor was willing to go above and beyond to get it ready for us to move into it, was a blessing greater than she will ever know.  Also, I would be remiss not to mention our church ladies and other friends who came to help us clean and move items in on moving day.

Since the fire we have been dealing with the insurance company to get the burnt shell removed, to get a complete list of contents (still ongoing), to get a number for the rebuilding process.  We have spoken to builders, and others to get numbers for this and that and the other thing.  We even had a friend step in to help us when the process became too emotional and intense for us to deal with for a short time.  It has been a long process, and we’re not done yet.  We have at least another six months of dickering back and forth over contents,  making sure we buy the ones we need and want to replace immediately and getting everything listed so we get what we are entitled to money-wise from the insurance company.

Overall, we have had a very good and fast response from the insurance company on each issue.  Our adjuster has responded to emails relatively quickly, answered the same questions over and over again, explained things that I should have understood the first time or the second and he has remained patient when our patience was running very thin.

And so now comes a decision that will surprise a lot of you.  Or maybe it won’t.

We have decided not to rebuild.  We have decided to purchase the neighbor’s house, the one that we are living in now.  In discussion with the neighbor, the children, and our trusted advisers, this has come to make the most sense for our family and for our life.  We have received the check from the insurance company.  We have been able to pay off the mortgage on the burnt property and purchase this house as well.  We are mortgage free!

The children are excited to have a larger yard in which to play, grow, and learn.  Jason can’t wait to have his shop built where he can work on our vehicles himself as well as do woodworking and other such things.  We will have gardens and greenhouses.  One of the things the children said was that they didn’t want to move all their stuff to a new house, that they were settled here.  They said, “yeah, we may have to share bedrooms, but look at all the space we have outside!”  I am happy to have my kitchen on the main floor, right beside the dining room.  There are plans for renovations to make this home work better for a family of our size, but we are happy here.

More than content in our situation,
LaDonna M Harris


  1. Came across your blog today and just wanted to wish you happiness, what an amazing woman you are, 8 children wow! To be mortage free truely is a huge blessing and I love the way you look at the bright side of life.

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