Becoming the Most Beautiful Woman in the World

As I dressed for bed tonight, I passed the mirror and thought,

“Boy, this is not the body I had at 18!”

But I’m not the woman I was at eighteen either. That woman hadn’t discovered her bravery, nor her strength, nor her beauty.

The Woman I Was

The woman I was at eighteen didn’t know the joy and honor of being loved and cherished by one man. She didn’t understand the trials and frustrations that same man would inflict upon her psyche. She didn’t know the trials they’d face as they grew into the people Yahweh called them to be. She hadn’t grown and birthed nine beautiful babies. The woman I was at eighteen didn’t know the pain or the exhilaration of feeling each precious blessing made their way into our world. She wasn’t the most beautiful woman in the world.

Becoming the Most Beautiful Woman in the World | | Are you the most beautiful woman in the world? I am. At eighteen, I had no idea and frankly didn’t really care, what the future would hold. I wanted what I wanted. I never imagined the excruciating grief of watching one of my sweet babies live and die. I didn’t understand the eternal effects that short earthly life would have on our lives forever. I couldn’t see how that experience would make me beautiful, but it did.

The young lady I was had yet to discover her passion. She had yet to discover that her love of learning would translate to a passion and purpose for teaching others! That student graduated top of her class, simply doing what was expected, not knowing those same skills would develop into something more – a passion for helping another become the most beautiful woman in the world – the their world.

The Woman I Am

So no, I’m not sporting the underweight but toned body, I was at eighteen. I’m not ashamed of the body I have now. I’m the most beautiful woman in their world – the world of my husband and children. The beautiful woman I have become and the one I strive to be is worth the wear and tear I have put this earthly vessel through year after year. And while I want to live long on this earth, this is not my home. Instead I will allow every experience to mould and shape me for eternity. And I can’t wait for that!

Tell me in the comments about becoming the most beautiful woman that you are today.

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