Medals of Honor (and some other things)

The local fireman’s ball is always a highlight in my life.  I LOVE the fireman’s ball.  I love to dress up in a pretty dress.  I leave the kids in someone else’s capable hands and I have a night out.  I get to see fire fighters recognized for works of service.  I eat a great meal.  I interact with people I don’t always get to see a lot of throughout the year.  The entertainment is generally really good, too.

This year the fireman’s ball was really special for a couple of reasons.

This year marks the 5th year that Jason has served with Mayerthorpe Fire Department.  So he was awarded a plaque and certificate.

Secondly, I’d never gotten this dressed up.  I’ve been taking a course and learning to dress more to suit my body and my personality.  It’s called Dress Your Truth, by Carole Tuttle.  I’ve started wearing a lot of bright, bold colors and I’m loving it!

Medals of Honor |

Thirdly, every year it’s mentioned at least once how volunteer fire fighting is not just about the firemen and women.  It’s about their spouses and families too.  This year the service of the spouses and families was mentioned about 5 times by five different speakers.  As part of the awards, the chief awarded the spouses of his male fire fighters each a purple carnation.  I am very grateful for the recognition.  It’s not easy being a fireman’s wife.

But the biggest reason for the special-ness of this fireman’s ball was because two of our children were also receiving awards.  Both Marrissa (7 years) and Wyatt (5 years) received medals of “life-saving acts of valor”.  I want to share with you the chief’s story (in another post) that he shared on the night of the ball.  He tells it well, and had many in the room in tears.  Our table was looking for tissues, for sure.  We brought our friends with us to the ball.  The night of our fire, their daughter was staying overnight with our girls.  I’ve deemed that night the most exciting sleepover ever.

For those of you who have never heard or read the story of our “fire night”, you can read it here.


front of medal

back of medal – Mayerthorpe Fire Department pin

I am so proud of my kids – all of the kids involved in that night.  They listened well to get out when they were told, even without their shoes and coats.  When they were told that they needed to settle down, they did, even though they were scared.  When they were told everything would be all right, they said, “ok” and did what needed to be done.  I am so thankful for the people in our lives who helped us that night and for those in the community and across the country, even from United States, who helped us to get back on our feet after such a devastating loss.  We couldn’t been where we are today without the support and love of our friends and family!

Thankful for our lives and thankful for our friends and families.

P.S.  Don’t forget that I’ll be posting a copy of our “fire night” in the chief’s own words soon.  Watch for it!


  1. Excellent! Most excellent! Boy they are getting so big!

  2. You are gorgeous in that red!

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