Being His Helpmeet – Living With Dyslexia

Being His Helpmeet: Living With Dyslexia | | Seeing how God matches us perfectly.I don’t think many people today realize the pain of living with dyslexia every single day as they live in our society.  Our society is based largely on reading and writing – simple tasks for most people.  A dyslexic struggles with every written word. One person described his struggle to read as, “asking the one-legged man to kick the ball with his other leg.”  It’s impossible; that leg is not there.

I live with a dyslexic and I see him struggle. When his brain is tired, I help him spell the words he can’t figure out. He struggles daily – writing a to do list, sending a text or email, reading to his children – all of these tasks require a huge amount of effort while I take my ability to read and write easily for granted.  For him, it is painful. Literally.

Living With Dyslexia

But we’ve learned to cope. We hire sitters so I can attend meetings and appointments with him, in case there is paperwork to fill out.  I drive, especially if we’ve never been there before, or if we’re going to the city, partly because he can’t read and process the signs quickly enough to turn where we need to turn; sometimes I just navigate.  When I can’t go, he brings the forms home, if he can; if he can’t, he muddles through.  If he has an email to send, he dictates while I type.  He doesn’t write in a journal or send letters. (I wrote him many many letters while we were dating and never received a reply.)  He has stories to tell but struggles to get them on to paper.

During training, he doesn’t take notes.  He barely cracks the textbook for a course.  Instead, he learned to listen to gather the information needed for the exam.  And exams are another stress!  After a weekend training course, he is exhausted from the effort he has put out to learn the information and to show that he has learned that information.  If every course could be  hands-on he’d fly through it, but when there is a lot of theory involved each hour requires effort on his part.

Perfectly Suited

It’s not very often that I see my husband struggle so intensely with his disability; usually he just does what needs to be done; he asks for help when he struggles to complete a task or can’t figure out how to spell a word.  Every once in a while, though, the emotion from the strain of life – of living with dyslexia – breaks through.  This is when I realize how strong, and yet how vulnerable dyslexia makes him.

I realize that I have the skills he needs, that I am strong in an area where he is weak. And I marvel at how God paired us together – brains and brawn.  Every once in a while, he lets me see how much reading and writing causes him to struggle in his day to day life.  It is then that I see how I can be his help meet in a very specific way.  God has given me the gift of words; I can use this gift to help the man I love.


How are you a helpmeet (helper perfectly suited to him) to your husband? What skills do you possess that match his, like a match made in heaven?


Always loving him more,

LaDonna M Harris


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  1. “God has given me the gift of words; I can use this gift to help the man I love.” That’s beautiful. Stopping by from the Happy Wives Club blog tour.

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