An Introvert Working From Home

An introvert working from home shouldn’t be a big deal, right? Typically, I would say you are right.

Take a step into my life….

An Introvert Working From Home | It's not always what it appears to be. |

Meet my crew. There are 7, yes seven, blonde beauties. I’ve written about them before, how we homeschool and work from home. Currently they range in age from 2 to 13 – that makes five school age children and two extras. I am “on” from 0700 (on a regular morning) to after 2300 most nights. (That’s 7 to 11, every day.) And often times, it’s longer than that. Everyone needs my attention – hubby, clients and customers, children (education, schooling, snuggles).

My introvertedness began to scream at me for some attention.

Our websites began to scream at me for some uninterrupted time – to write, to complete a thought.

What was I do to?

Through a day wrought with unexplained tears, a day where the level of frustration was through the roof, I finally came up with a solution, from a book – Start by Jon Acuff. He said  that when you are starting on the road to awesome the best way to show your family that you’re serious is to be completely serious about them. Taking from them to build your business is not awesome. Make your family the top priority! So how does that work to help your new business?

You get up before the sun, while everyone else is sleeping. I’ve started getting up at 0500 to a quiet alarm that doesn’t disturb those sleeping next to me and on my floor. My clothes are laid out under my pillow; I quickly and quietly dress before heading to the Keurig for a coffee, a glass of water and my Bible. I spend the first hour there, digging deeper, reading for understanding and gleaning sections for Just Our Thoughts (my other home on the web). The next two hours (provided there are no early risers) are spent checking in on social media, scheduling posts for the day, and working on any number of articles or listening to audio trainings or reading without interruption. (Early risers are sent back to bed, sometimes multiple times, until 8 a.m.) At 0800, I put the computer to sleep and start on breakfast, making a plan for the rest of the day.

I’m exhausted every night when I head to bed after spending the evening with my husband, talking about the day and planning the next. And yet I continue to hear that alarm. I continue to get up and write through blurry eyes. So when do I sleep?

Here’s my secret….

I nap.

Almost every day.

Usually with a babe in arms.

It’s easier to nap in the middle of the day at my house than it is to work. We get the school work and the household chores done in between times – many hands make lighter work.

Before discovering this “rise before the chickens” solution, one of the biggest fights in our household was having the noise level of the house quiet enough to think. Now, although I do require some quiet-er times during the day (I do nap after all), I don’t need the complete silence that feeds me. I get that (usually) in the morning, before the sun makes its appearance.


So how do you make working from  home work for you?


Making it work for me,

LaDonna M. Harris



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