Initiating Intimate Conversation

How do you initiate intimate conversation?

I’m sure that over the course of our marriage I have asked these questions in some form or another, but never on a daily basis. (Because we’re just like that – consistently inconsistent.)

Initiating Intimate Conversation | | #marriage #family #communication

Jason and I communicate. We share information to operate our business and manage our family. We create routines and plan our days. After reading this quick article, I’d have to say that our communication is mainly that sort of communication. Granted, managing 10 people and a business, most of our communication is going to be logistics.

Creating time for intimate and deep conversation is imperative to strengthening our relationship and taking it to the next level. The experiences we’ve faced have required a level of intimacy just to survive together. But we’re not in survival mode any longer. We’re not dealing with life and death issues. We’re not feeding and clothing 4 under 8 with no family support. We’re not moving every 6 months to a year. It’s almost as if we’ve plateaued in a sense and conversation has become complacent.

Being consistently inconsistent, there’s no way I’ll ask him these questions every day, but I can see huge benefits for working these types of questions into the pattern of our days.

And not just for spouses…

these questions would be great for teen children as well.

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