I need a break from life.

My life isn’t terrible. In fact things are going really well. But I feel that I need a break from life. I’m tired of parenting my own kids and others. I’m tired of going to bed late and getting up early. The laundry and dishes. The diapers and naptimes. Scheduling and billing take so much time and energy. My volunteer responsibilities pile up unnecessarily. Maybe I’m depressed.  (I had a baby just a few weeks ago.)  Or maybe I’ve taken on more then I can handle for this season of life. I dunno but what I do know is that the negative is demanding my attention with a crippling force.

On the flip side, I see many positives and incredible aspects that keep me moving forward. Baby Nate started smiling and babbling. I’m building relationships within the community where I am supported by and supporting other moms.  My family is my team and together we tackle housework and  childcare. I am not alone and I have so much gratitude for the people around me. Despite the positives I need a break from life.

How does a mom of 9 take a break?  Even organizing those logistics feels overwhelming. How does a family run business find a way to take a break during their busiest session of the year?  We’ve even turned down work because we’re only two people with occasional helpers. There’s just no way.



I need a break from life


Balancing Rest


I am reminded that innate in our being is the need to rest. I did good after Nathaniel arrived. I rested and recovered. Everything was cancelled or rescheduled for another time. My recovery was shorter and successful due to truly resting. But then I felt the need to catch up instead of just jumping in where we were. Aside from Nathaniel’s first weeks of life I’ve neglected resting. I’ve forgotten that my family also needs to rest.

Rest doesn’t require doing or going. We can rest right where we are. I can plan our weeks so I leave a period of rest both daily and weekly, knowing the work will still be there and so will the time to complete that work. From a state of rest, the work doesn’t overwhelm. After a time rest, we have the energy to accomplish more in a timely manner.

Some weeks we schedule time to rest physically but our minds aren’t given the same courtesy. We sit there stewing about what we’re not accomplishing. We anxiously start planning the next week. But rest requires letting go of the details for just a little while. The focus of our whole being needs to change.

That “I need a break from life” feeling is a check point. I am uneasy because something is lacking. The balance is askew. One of my spinning plates desperately needs my attention. And that plate is the one labeled REST.


  1. Are you taking your weekly Sabbath Rest, laying aside all worries and self-provision, and just worshipping at His feet, and letting Him fill you?

    • LaDonna Harris says:

      That’s exactly what I have realized is wrong; that is what is missing. As a family, we need to re-balance and re-focus…

  2. I feel this way often! I too need to remember to just be and rest. I am not sure I understand what rest really is. The lists never end and can be added onto quickly. Being a SAHM with a business and home learner is tiring in itself! I could use some tips! How about a blog on HOW to relax/rest.. I need some tips!
    Love your Blog <3

    • LaDonna Harris says:

      Oh Linda! I agree – do I really know how…do I really know what rest is…

      My list never ends…ever. I have to remember that resting means the work doesn’t go away…

      I will write a post as you suggest.

  3. Lori-Dawn says:

    Hugs…yup. I try to take 2 days a week for resting…Shabbat is for renewing my Spirit and body and I use Sunday to plan my week and do paperwork stuff, which renews my emotions and alleviates stress.

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