A Good Neighbor

The story of the Good Samaritan is so well-known in churches and among believers, but familiarity leads us to miss the point. Luke chapter ten tells the story. Go read it – for real, not just reading what you think is there….

Who is my neighbor?

What I find intriguing in Yeshua’s response is that he doesn’t answer the lawyer’s question directly. The lawyer in verse 29 asks, “who is my neighbor?” and Yeshua responds with a story and a question.

Which of these three, do you think, proved to be a neighbor to the man who fell among the robbers?” (vs. 36)

Yeshua didn’t explain the WHO…

… he told a story describing HOW to be a good neighbor. Yeshua put the onus back on the individual. In effect he says, stop looking to others and start examining yourself. Examine your heart and your actions. Are you so in love with Yahweh that his love pours out of you to others?

No one else can fill us like he can.

Trust me, I’ve looked. Recently.

I’ve been searching again – searching for that safe place to land, that place where I am loved wholly and completely. I’ve looked for that love and acceptance within our “fire family”. I’ve looked for the same love in churches and education. I’ve looked to my husband and to our friends to fill me and love me, but no one can, not completely.

And I feel so alone and so empty.

You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your strength and with all your mind, and your neighbor as yourself.” (vs. 27)

LBefore you start looking for neighbors, love God with your whole being.et God’s love overflow

It’s not until I daily turn to God that I find the strength to be that neighbor to my community. The command doesn’t start with the loving your neighbor part. You have to love God first before you can love others – before his love can pour out of you. I have to nurture and build that relationship first.

Before you start looking for neighbors, love God with your whole being. Allow his love to overflow to the people he puts people in your path.


  1. Life is not always easy. We all have good days and bad. While the good days are something we all enjoy the bad days are where we learn. God does not want to see us suffer but if we are not following His plan for us life isn’t going to be all peachy. With that understanding, I believe when things keep going against our plan it is time to take a step back spend sometime in prayer and reexamine our understanding of His plan.
    (And be prepared to go in a whole new direction).

    • One thing that you said jumps out at me, Rick. “If we are not following his plan for us life isn’t going to be all peachy.”

      Let me thow this situation your direction:

      You’ve done just as you said in your comment – stepped back, prayed and are now in God’s Will for your life. But I haven’t. I’m not following his plan. And I come and spray paint your house with bright blue paint. How peachy keen is your life? Or I’m driving drunk and hit your school bus…. you’re injured and can’t work, lost your job and soon your house…. not because of what you did, not because you weren’t operating within God’s plan but because I wasn’t. Maybe God needed to teach me a lesson and that made your life miserable.

      I guess what I’m getting at is what Paul said…. count it all joy my brothers when you face trials of every kind. Those trials might be God’s will for you or for someone else.

  2. Love this! 1 John tells us that the only reason we can love is because He first loved us. What a great reminder!

  3. Wow… This:

    “Are you so in love with Yahweh that his love pours out of you to others?”

    It’s a hugely powerful self-reflection question I don’t think enough followers of Yeshua ask themselves. Along with “Do I understand the depth & breadth of Yahweh’s love?”.

    Because it is wide it is deep and it is an all consuming fire. Meaning a lot of us would be able to display such astounding level of kindness towards others.

    Each man, woman and child must focus firmly on this and the whole law rests on it.

    Great reminder, thank you!

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