The Five Love Languages for Men Review

My initial reaction to The Five Love Languages for Men by Gary Chapman was one of “oh, this guy knows he’s talkin’ to men!” The graphics, charts and quote boxes are ideal for men looking for a quick read. I don’t know many avid male readers, so this is perfect for the men in my life.

If you are familiar at all with the 5 Love Languages series you’ll know that they include:

  • words of affirmation – Verbal compliments or words of appreciation are powerful communicators of love.
  • acts of service – Anything you can do to ease the burden of responsibilities will speak volumes.
  • receiving gifts – This is not materialism; the receiver of gifts thrives on the love, thoughtfulness, and effort behind the gift.
  • quality time – Nothing says, “I love you,” like full, undivided attention.
  • physical touch – Holding hands, kissing, and “accidentally” coming into contact with another are lifelines

At the end of each chapter dedicated to the love language is a chart of action steps for becoming more fluent in that language! HOW COOL! Also included at the back of the book is a his and hers personal profile so couples have a relationship specific list to test their love languages. This is such a useful tool. Now, the standard test works too, but this one is a little more specific to the issue at hand – that of marriage relationships.

Two key points that are addressed in this book are crafting apologies and dealing with anger. If your marriage is anything like mine these topics are highly useful! The issue of anger is summed up in two basic steps – address the flash points and come up with a plan for when anger makes its appearance. And for me, usually after anger appears, there are apologies to be made; apologies are a huge step in making things right with our spouse. “Done well, an apology can bring closure to tensions, conflicts and hurt feelings… it can change the way your wife thinks of you… (and) break down barriers.” (page 138) I love that these two things are included in this book!

My Conclusions

I look forward to reading this book with my husband. I think (but we’ll have to re-take the test to confirm) one of his love languages is quality time; he just likes me to be with him. Part of that is he loves when I read to him! I think he’ll really enjoy seeing the artwork and the easy to find points, as well. I would recommend this book to men looking to love their wives better, or for wives looking to be better loved!


book Five Love Language for MenFrom the back cover

At the heart of every man is a desire to master what matters. Getting a compliment at work or on the court is nice, but nothing beats hearing your spouse say, “You make me feel loved.” If you haven’t heard that in a while or feel like you are not bringing your A-game into your relationship, this books is for you. The 5 Love Languages has sold 10 MILLION COPIES because it is simple, practical, and effective. In this edition, Gary Chapman speaks straight to men about the rewards of speaking their wife’s love language. You’ll learn each language, how to identify your wife’s, and how to speak it clearly. Packed with helpful illustrations and creative pointers, these pages will rouse your inner champion and empower you to master the art of love.



unnamedAbout the Author:

Gary Chapman, PhD, is the author of the bestselling The 5 Love Languages series, which has sold more than 10 million worldwide and has been translated into 50 languages. Dr. Chapman travels the world presenting seminars on marriage, family, and relationships, and his radio programs air on more than 400 stations. He lives in North Carolina with his wife, Karolyn.

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Learning to love him better,

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