Fear is immobilizing

Fear is immobilizing | Fear is immobilizing but the truth is empowering. Find and focus on truth. | http://ladonnaharris.com

Fear is immobilizing, affecting the mind and body in so any negative ways. My most significant experience with fear is through the birthing process. Fear stops the adventure in its tracks. The body begins to fight against itself. No one winning. Everyone losing.

I have given birth a number of times and although each situation was unique, each experience had an element of fear playing a part in the outcome. With the first, I was inexperienced and uneducated and when my third pregnancy ended in a neonatal death my fears compounded greatly for future deliveries. Currently, the fear of repeating the past is a huge hurtle for this pregnancy.

Fear of another stuck baby. Fear of another death. Fear of another stalled labor. Fear of being physically incapable of pushing the baby out. And these fears of repeating the past create new fears all their own. Fear of transfer to hospital. Fear of causing a scene. And fear feeds upon itself, bringing on fears of the unknown. The “what ifs” start rearing their ugly heads!

Though based on a sliver of truth, and a mite of experience,  in reality, these are irrational fears!

How does one combat them? The only way to combat fear is with the truth.

What is the truth?

The biggest truth that I cling to is that Yahweh is in control! He has a purpose for everything and he loves me. He has not given me this fear.

The truth is that some of those things happened. They happened once and with a logical explanation. The chances of them happening again are slim. The truth is that I have a wonderful supportive team around me. These people will do what is right and keep me safe. To date, I had two tough deliveries out of eight; choosing to focus on those two will ruin the current experience.

The truth is that the good far outweighs the bad. I have the power and the resources to physically, emotionally, spiritually and mentally to help myself and this baby to a happy, safe and joyful birth day. The truth is that Jason and I are so excited to be pregnant again after almost 3 years, and thinking we were “done”.

Fear is immobilizing | Fear is immobilizing but the truth is empowering. Find and focus on truth. | http://ladonnaharris.com


Fear is immobilizing but the truth is empowering. Find and focus on truth.


  1. LaDonna! Thank you for this post! Yes, the truth is empowering and when we can focus on the truth, we can continue to move forward. Fear will keep us stuck in life. And we then miss out on the important things that Father has for us!!

  2. Thank you for sharing, I have 6 children, 5 on earth, one in heaven. My first 4 are girls. My first son, (fifth pregnancy), we lost. I delivered him after 12 hours of induced labor sleeping. It was a labor of love as I wanted to hold him, but when I became pregnant again with my 6th child, (second boy), I was also gripped with fear. Every day was a Spiritual battle not too lose faith, not to give up hope, to TRUST in God that everything would be ok. I did a self-directed study on Praising God in all and through all, that is what got me through it.

    • ladonnamharris says:

      Thank you for sharing, Nancy! I have been focusing on Joy and Peace through this pregnancy.

  3. I never had a baby, but I can see how scary it would be. We all have fears real or imagined.

  4. Fear can be so immobilizing. Thanks for your article 2 Timothy 1:7 is one of my life verses. It used to be sort of my mantra before sales calls!

  5. How might you be avoiding any of these things? When you can recognize your fear and face the thing that you have been dreading, it no longer has the power over you that it once did.

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