How to REALLY start a Citizens On Patrol Organization

This is the letter I nearly sent to an official early on in the process of starting this society. You can probably hear and feel the frustration. It was at this point in the process that I was about to give up, walk away, and never mention C.O.P. again! Dear xxxxxxxxx, I am highly frustrated; please […]

Being His Helpmeet – Living With Dyslexia

I don’t think many people today realize the pain of living with dyslexia every single day as they live in our society.  Our society is based largely on reading and writing – simple tasks for most people.  A dyslexic struggles with every written word. One person described his struggle to read as, “asking the one-legged man […]

The Chief’s Version of Our House Fire

  As promised, I have the story our fire chief shared about our house fire. He shared this with our community at our annual fireman’s ball. There were many tears at our table. And a standing ovation for my two little heroes. “On the night of Feb 8, 2012 we were called to a structure […]

Medals of Honor (and some other things)

The local fireman’s ball is always a highlight in my life.  I LOVE the fireman’s ball.  I love to dress up in a pretty dress.  I leave the kids in someone else’s capable hands and I have a night out.  I get to see fire fighters recognized for works of service.  I eat a great […]

The Story of the House Fire

I know everyone has been wondering, so here is what happened.  Tuesday, February 7, 2012 started out to be a pretty fun and normal day.  The older girls were looking forward to their best friend, MK, visiting for the day, and an overnight.  Their friend arrived and the fun started.  All three girls were attending […]