Please Don’t Join My MLM – at least not for this reason!

I will never require someone to join my team to help me. In fact, please don’t join my MLM… (An MLM is a multi-level marketing organization…many home based businesses are MLMs. Some examples would include Scentsy, Party Lite, Amway, Norwex, Young Living, Doterra, and various other jewelry and clothing companies.) We’ve all done it. The […]

How to REALLY start a Citizens On Patrol Organization

This is the letter I nearly sent to an official early on in the process of starting this society. You can probably hear and feel the frustration. It was at this point in the process that I was about to give up, walk away, and never mention C.O.P. again! Dear xxxxxxxxx, I am highly frustrated; please […]

Being His Helpmeet – Living With Dyslexia

I don’t think many people today realize the pain of living with dyslexia every single day as they live in our society.  Our society is based largely on reading and writing – simple tasks for most people.  A dyslexic struggles with every written word. One person described his struggle to read as, “asking the one-legged man […]

Budgeting Inconsistent Income

My husband and I are self-employed and his business is somewhat seasonal. Budgeting inconsistent income has become an adventure for me. I always love a challenge so I took it head on. I love working the numbers and figuring out the best way to pay the most bills and still allow for groceries, gas and […]

Sweet Rest: The Importance of Scheduling Downtime

As wives and mothers there are more than enough items on our to do lists to fill every minute of each twenty-four hour day. If we work from home, that list quadruples or more! In our go-go-go society the tendency is to over-schedule ourselves and our families without consideration of a very simple strategy and […]