Deciding Family Size – When are you done?

How do you decide on your family size? How do you know you are done having babies? Who decides? Then, once decided, what changes take place? What if you want to change your decision? Doesn’t that open a whole new can of worms? I think our friends and families have come to expect that we are […]

Surviving Trauma

Dear readers, I am surviving trauma and I fully believe that God did not allow me to experience the following heart breaking experience for nothing.  I trust that by telling my story, that I can be a friend, a listening ear, a shoulder to cry on for those who have also experienced something similar.  Please feel free […]

Learning About Childbirth

As part of Zen Habits Sea Change program I am participating in a month of learning. The premise is to pick a topic or an activity that’s on your bucket list, so to speak, and learn everything you can, forming a habit of learning for 10 to 30 minutes a day. With the exciting arrival […]

Fear is immobilizing

Fear is immobilizing, affecting the mind and body in so any negative ways. My most significant experience with fear is through the birthing process. Fear stops the adventure in its tracks. The body begins to fight against itself. No one winning. Everyone losing. I have given birth a number of times and although each situation was unique, each […]

Sweet Rest: The Importance of Scheduling Downtime

As wives and mothers there are more than enough items on our to do lists to fill every minute of each twenty-four hour day. If we work from home, that list quadruples or more! In our go-go-go society the tendency is to over-schedule ourselves and our families without consideration of a very simple strategy and […]