S T U F F – Do ya really NEEEEED it?

Well, I can’t take credit for the acronym S T U F F – “something that undermines family fun”. This phrase came from my Flylady days; it resonated with me and I’ve continued to use it though I no longer follow her method closely. (I must admit, though, that I’m thinking about going back to […]

Every House Needs Four Walls – Part 2

I guess you’d call this house we’re discussing the “house of financial success”. How each family defines success will differ. For us, if we have enough to cover the basic needs and a little for extras, we feel successful. Others want to have a large savings balance in their account and be able to travel […]

Every House Needs Four Walls – Part 1

I tell people all the time to make sure they keep their four walls up. Some nod and smile. Others stare blankly as if to say, “huh?” And every once in a while someone (usually a Dave Ramsey fan) knows what I’m talking about. These four areas of household expenses are the main structure; without […]

A Dozen Budgeting Tips

Not everyone finds budgeting quick and easy. (Is that the understatement of the year? Or the decade?) Here are some quick budgeting tips and tricks to help along the way. Pay yourself first, by putting money into savings off the top automatically. Save for emergencies. Start by getting a 1000 dollars put away as quickly […]

Budgeting Inconsistent Income

My husband and I are self-employed and his business is somewhat seasonal. Budgeting inconsistent income has become an adventure for me. I always love a challenge so I took it head on. I love working the numbers and figuring out the best way to pay the most bills and still allow for groceries, gas and […]