Fear of Another Fire

  Today while we were cleaning up, the vacuum started smoking…   We were all right in the room – Jason and me and a bunch of the kids.  I’d told J it wasn’t working right and so he had looked at it and was watching and listening to it as Marrissa was vacuuming the […]

Thankful Thursday, Fire Edition

(There might be a few of these Fire Editions of Thankful Thursday.) Seven G, I want to thank you for your presence of mind, your great driving and your immediate response. I can tell you are still a fire fighter at heart, though you no longer serve your community in this way.  I know we laugh […]

Random Facts about the Fire

  The fire department had a 6 minute response time. The departments that responded included: Cherhill, Sangudo, Blue Ridge, Mayerthorpe. Within 10-15 minutes of my call to 911 a fire fighter was breaking a window. The first fire fighter in had a heat gun to read the temperature.  The first and only attempt to enter […]

The Story of the House Fire

I know everyone has been wondering, so here is what happened.  Tuesday, February 7, 2012 started out to be a pretty fun and normal day.  The older girls were looking forward to their best friend, MK, visiting for the day, and an overnight.  Their friend arrived and the fun started.  All three girls were attending […]

Our home, on fire.

  Note: Initially posted just a few days after our house burnt to the ground Feb 7, 2012.   Here’s a picture of our house, fully engulfed in flames. We are so thankful for all the fire departments that responded so quickly. Thankful for the couple at the end of the driveway who heard my […]