Season of life – change like the wind

In another season of life, I kept a blog for years and years that recorded our homeschooling adventures. I gave family members (and friends) a peek into our life though they lived far away. That blog morphed into a business venture that never truly got off the ground with any efficiency. As life continued to […]

Deciding Family Size – When are you done?

How do you decide on your family size? How do you know you are done having babies? Who decides? Then, once decided, what changes take place? What if you want to change your decision? Doesn’t that open a whole new can of worms? I think our friends and families have come to expect that we are […]

The Chief’s Version of Our House Fire

  As promised, I have the story our fire chief shared about our house fire. He shared this with our community at our annual fireman’s ball. There were many tears at our table. And a standing ovation for my two little heroes. “On the night of Feb 8, 2012 we were called to a structure […]

Medals of Honor (and some other things)

The local fireman’s ball is always a highlight in my life.  I LOVE the fireman’s ball.  I love to dress up in a pretty dress.  I leave the kids in someone else’s capable hands and I have a night out.  I get to see fire fighters recognized for works of service.  I eat a great […]

Our home…Decisions…6 Months Post-Fire

I have been decidedly quiet on our plans to rebuild after our house fire in February of this year.  We have been undecided as to whether or not we were going to rebuild, or simply buy another home.  When we first lost our home we were able to rent the house next door within the first week […]