Surviving Trauma

Dear readers, I am surviving trauma and I fully believe that God did not allow me to experience the following heart breaking experience for nothing.  I trust that by telling my story, that I can be a friend, a listening ear, a shoulder to cry on for those who have also experienced something similar.  Please feel free […]

Becoming the Most Beautiful Woman in the World

As I dressed for bed tonight, I passed the mirror and thought, “Boy, this is not the body I had at 18!” But I’m not the woman I was at eighteen either. That woman hadn’t discovered her bravery, nor her strength, nor her beauty. The Woman I Was The woman I was at eighteen didn’t […]

Teach the children

How do we teach the children? I have been wrestling with this question over the last couple of weeks. I wasn’t happy with the education I’d offered my children this year. That’s not to say they didn’t learn anything, or that they didn’t improve in multiple areas, but I wasn’t happy with my side of […]

A Family Surprise {RE-POST from 2009, edited}

Most every one will agree that family is important. It is for us. My parents arrived this week for a visit. We only get to see them every two years now, so in celebration, I’m re-posting about the big surprise birthday in June 2009. ******************** My mom has a birthday this week (Tuesday) and she […]

Initiating Intimate Conversation

How do you initiate intimate conversation? I’m sure that over the course of our marriage I have asked these questions in some form or another, but never on a daily basis. (Because we’re just like that – consistently inconsistent.) Jason and I communicate. We share information to operate our business and manage our family. We […]